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Website works as an omni-web-present visiting card of a company. It reflects if you are good enough to be considered for the assignment. And no matter how beautiful is the design and layout of your website, search engine will ignore it. Make sure it’s unique, target audience-based and high quality website content.

My prime objective is to capture the essence of your company providing relevant and cut-to-cut information. No matter which page your potential customer lands on to he would know straight away if he’s at the right place.

My years of experience as freelance content writer allows me to understand your requirement and create customized content accordingly.,

Customized Website Content

Ecommerce Website: To sell online, it’s important you are able to and reach and convince your potential customers. You can contact me me for unique and compelling content for your ecommerce website.

Corporate Website: I understand how important your international clients are. And your website is what they must be checking out before further communication. I can help you develop high quality corporate website content.

Customer-Targeted Content: While you direct your customers to your website to showcase your products and services, it’s important it doesn’t put them off. I make sure they come, stay and come again.

Dynamic Website: If you have a customer-facing educational/informational website that continuously needs to be enriched with different content forms including fresh blogs, articles, opinion, recent updates, feature articles, product launches, your search may end at this website. And I am sure you won’t regret.

While we create content for your website I ensure it meets the essentials of a website content:

  1. It should meet the SEO’s content length guidelines for a particular web page
  2. It should meet keyword-related requirements of the content.
  3. It should have requisite video embeds and images and other media.
  4. It should meet hygienic standards of language in terms of grammar, spellings and syntax.
  5. Target-audience should be kept.
  6. And of course it should be easy-to-understand with no irrelevant information and details.