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Digital marketing involves the process of promoting products, services or brands through different available platforms of electronic media. It is different from the traditional marketing in the sense that it the processes and methods involved in analyzing strategies and outcomes based on real time.

I have divided the digital marketing learning into different modules that will allow students a comprehensive overview of the digital marketing landscape. At the same time, they will be introduced to key concepts and vocabulary used in during digital marketing campaigns. 

Section 1: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

– Understanding sales and marketing
– Introduction to Digital Marketing
– Inbound and Outbound Marketing
– Content Marketing
– The curious case of Traffic
– Lead generation and scope
– Aligning marketing strategies

 Section 2: The buzz around the website

– Choosing and buying a Domain
– Website Language & Technology
– Why do you need a Website?
– Wireframing a website
– Designing the Home Page
– Strategic location of Products & Services Page
– Portfolio, Gallery and Contact Us Page
– Call to Action
– SEO integration in webite
– Google Analytics Tracking Code