Pankaj Sharma | Freelance Content Writing Services

Why me? Well…simply because I know my job.

Not enough? Here are the other reasons:

I am a passionate writer

I love my job and that’s why I enjoy it. Being a freelance content writer, I am very particular about what I write. And thanks to my years of experience and expertise working for different organizations and businesses that I am confident about what I write. But if I don’t, I don’t take up the task.

Keyword research and on-page and off-page optimizationI can be useful in identifying accurate keywords for your website and other content types including articles including generic, targeted, brand and long tail keywords.I am creating keyword-centric content for all forms of content including blogs, feature articles, guest and ghost blogs/articles, website content or any type of content for web and print marketing. I can be useful in creating keyword-optimized content, thereby enabling you get access to your target audience.

Writing meta-titles and meta-descriptionsMeta titles and descriptions make an indispensable part of SEO endeavours intended at increasing web traffic and users to your website and business. I present my skills to enable to create SEO-optimized meta titles and meta-descriptions.

Writing and posting articles in article directoriesBeing an experienced freelance web content writer, I can help you generate backlinks from article directories. I am also well-versed with tasks from creation to posting.

Creating fresh content for your websiteOne of the senior freelance content writers in Delhi, I am capable of fueling fresh content into your website so that it can stay alive and available for search engine hunts.

Writing content for product launches, event highlights
You need highly engaging and compelling to create a buzz over the digital sphere. And you are looking for a freelance content writer for the job, I can be handy. Writing all types of blogs – picture blogs, slideshows, infographics

Print Media and PR Content

I am also well-versed with content forms used to hit print media. I have rich experience in developing press releases, white paper, articles for newspapers and other associated forms of content.

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