Typically, IEC marks the use of targeted content to communicate effective and useful information to the public. And it includes information related to healthcare, health in general, government policies and anything that government wants people to know.

I, as an experienced freelance content writer, bring to the table an extensive experience working for different IEC programmes directed at educating and informing people. I have the ability to integrate the socially-useful content into digital platforms to ensure that it covers maximum in minimum time.

I have the experience in creating content in majorly two languages – English and Hindi.

Here are the different media of communication I can customize my content solutions to: 

IEC Content: Print

I hold expertise in creating quality content for different print media including posters, flyers, hoardings, booklets, pamphlets and other modes of communication. These are used for transmitting information to the public, especially in the rural areas.

Essentials of an effective print material:

  • Simple and appealing language
  • Clear and concise information
  • Relevant to target audience

IEC Content: Digital Content

Digital is the new norm. It is lighting fast, cost-effective and impactful medium to disseminate information. With my years of experience in digital content, I can help you create effective content for different digital channels including social media, website content and app content.

Essentials of Digital content

  • Engaging
  • Crisp
  • Insightful

IEC Content: Video Content

For a video to go viral, it’s important to have a strong script. You can consider me any types of video scripts ranging from corporate to community videos. I have optimum words to communicate your message loud and clear.

Therefore, if you are looking for a freelance content writer in Delhi with relevant experience in development quality content for the purpose of information, education and communication; you can contact me. I am experience and expertise in creating content in both Hindi and English. I can also be contacted for any kind of branding and promotion.