IoT has enabled devices across the world to process and store information, so that it can be used at a later stage. However, the huge gap between data collection and ability to process and analyze acts as a major deterrent to realize this potential opportunity. A high-end cloud based IoT framework can be an effective solution to bridge this gap.

Cloud of Internet of Things (IoT) is a latest breakthrough that combines different technologies connected via the Internet to deliver solutions in varied places and environments on real-time basis. Healthcare, in particular, has been greatly benefitted by the emergence of IoT, which finds its application in anything from managing chronic diseases to preventing different health conditions.

Integrating Cloud Computing and IoT

Integration of cloud computing and Internet in healthcare offers a host of advantages including high reliability, high efficiency, virtualization and scalability. The construction and application of public cloud in healthcare can help improve resource sharing and build a highly efficient medical monitoring and management system while saving huge operational costs.

While IoT can enable safe, efficient and high quality medical monitoring and management, the cloud-based Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can help deliver cutting edge results in medical information transmission, smart health monitoring and precise location. IoT also ensures convenience in other healthcare operations including patient monitoring and tracking management.

Application of Cloud IoT in Healthcare

Cloud based IoT services have the potential to revolutionize complete heathcare delivery system. Other technologies such as ZigBee and Wi-Fi technology can be integrated to establish seamless communication between data collection, transmitting equipment, sensor devices and the MIS system, used for the deep data analysis.

Cloud of Internet of Things can also prove useful in database design and integrating the Cloud and the Smart Hospital Information System. This integration in association with IoT will enable real-time sensor technologies to collect data from different sensor devices connected to the hospital system across different processes and locations, thereby delivering a healthcare service in real time. The application of a Cloud of Internet of Things system in hospitals can allow e-storage of all patients’ records including images, documents and videos. This important information can be accessed anytime by authorized users to both service delivery and research purposes. Moreover, this cutting-edge integration would also enable data exchange between hospitals and between service providers in real time and at low cost.

Therefore, it is the need of the hour for service providers in the healthcare sector to embrace cloud based IoT technology to deliver efficient and effective services.

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