A Romantic Novel by Ravinder Singh

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Can Love Happen Twice by Ravinder Singh

A sequel to the ‘I Too Had a Love Story‘, ‘Can Love Happen Twice’ is the story of Ravinder Singh’s (fiction this time) second attempt at love with an Indian girl, he finds in Belgium when he visits the foreign land for a company project.

While the first book was loved for its honesty and innocence, the second one appears to be deliberate and way too dramatic, something that doesn’t go well with literature.

Though the author is able to create some really wonderful scenes, the storyline is ordinary. Language is very simple which has already worked wonders for him.

The story begins with Ravin’s friends meeting at Red FM’s office in Chandigarh, a popular FM radio station (I wonder if they have sponsored the novel), where they were supposed to narrate the second book of Ravin who was admitted to a mental asylum where he was being treated for depression caused due to the heartbreak for his second break-up.

Like the previous book, the language is very simple with plot seems being inspired from a Bollywood movie. ‘Can Love Happen Twice’ is an out-and-out commercial project which is created to capitalize and encash the sympathy and popularity he had garned with his first book.

During the descriptions inside the Red FM office, Ravin has been projected as somebody with a larger than life image which appears unbelievable.

The USP of the novel is a mushy romance in the core of it. There is a lover who goes mad after losing his love but still he doesn’t compromise on his duties and liabilities towards his parents.

Though the book is a literary failure, college students, lovers and teenagers would love it like anything as they would be able to associate them with the protagonist.

Go read it if you love Ravin for what he is and what he writes!

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