Most of the companies are always confused between hiring a content agency or a freelancer. While a freelancer looks cost-effective, agency is more reliable in terms of timeliness.

I hope, this article can help you decide and be sure.

1. Cost Effective

freelance writer reason 1

It’s always cost effective, by a huge margin, to hire a freelance content writer. The reason being when you hire a freelancer you hire an individual but when you hire a company you end up paying the bill of the bulb in the last washroom. I know you understand what I mean.

2. Time Saving

Freelance Writer reason 2

Working with a freelancer means fewer formalities in terms of documentation and other formal procedures.

3. Direct Communication

freelance writer reason 3

When working with a content company you rarely know the writer who’s actually doing your work which makes the processes like briefing and feedback bit complex. When you deal directly with the writer your contact person and end service provider remain the same.

4. Transparency

Freelance Writer reason 4

Hiring a freelancer ensures more transparency in operations. It saves you the useless funde-vaazi from so-called marketing geniuses. There is no scope for “Conditions Applied” when you assign the project to a freelance content writer.                                                                                                                                                                          r

5. Beyond Office Timings

freelance writer reason 5

A freelancer is also available beyond office timings. So you can feel free to ask your writer for some last minute changes beyond the window of “9 to 6”.

So, here are a few reasons that talk about the advantages of hiring a freelance content writer and I am sure you would have made up your mind by now.

Note: We do understand with freelancer content writer you are susceptible about timelines so you usually hesitate to consider a freelancer for bigger and important has taken shape to specifically address this problem as we have in our network more than 20 freelance content writers who work in collaboration to ensure that timelines are always met. So basically we work like an organization but we are still freelancers in functioning and costing.

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